Julia Curyło  was born in Warsaw.She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and got her MFA in 2009 (class of Leon Tarasewicz). She is an author of paintings and installations presented in public city space. In January of 2010 she won the competition organized by the Gallery A19 operating at the Marymont metro station in Warsaw. Her big-format mural Lambs of God that was presented there brought her publicity.

In November of the same year Curyło received a Grand Prix from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as the award of bwa Municipal Gallery in Bydgoszcz during the PROMOTIONS 2010 in the Gallery of Art in Legnica. In May of 2011 she was nominated for a prestigious award of the 10th edition of Geppert Competition. Subsequent years brought many others exhibitions and presentations of Curyło’s art, including her objects displayed in city space, including Warsaw, Poznań (festival No Women No Art) and Bydgoszcz. In 2012 she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage designated for a production of series of pneumatic sculptures”chicks”, presented in city spaces . In 2016 Julia Curyło was listed amongst the first ten in a ranking of the most important young artists — the Compass of Young Art.

Julia Curylo  creates  paintings, sculptures, and installations, many designed as public space projects, with intertwined references to religion ( “Church Fairs and miraculous visions “ series), consumerism , women’s art history( “Chicks” installation), science and technology (“Large Hadron Collider” series), migrations (“Euro-series)  and kitsch.  Her works are strongly  sensual and energetic , address ambiguities of the contemporary world .

The paintings by Julia Curyło, brimming with symbolism, hyper-realistic and surreal at the same time, addresses the issues of broadly understood contemporaneity and modernity. Curyło is interested in the ambiguity of the world — devotion juxtaposed next to perversity, childishness to maturity, morality to licentiousness, truth to falsity, or beauty next to kitsch. The origins of her work can be found mainly in surrealism and neo-pop. Julia Curyło’s art is oriented toward intellectual reception — symbolism used by the artist is difficult to decipher during the initial encounter, it encourages contemplation and decipherment of riddles and hidden meanings, which are often full of irony and eventually prompt a smile. Her paintings can be found in private collections and galleries across the whole Poland and world.




2009 MFA in painting with an annex in art in public space, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland



2017 , Italian Art Factory, Pietrasanta, Italy

2017, Artystka mówi, Centrum Adama Smitha, Warsaw, Poland

2017, Cudawianki, -1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2017, Painting, MOS, bwa Gallery, Gorzów , Poland

2016, Miraculous visions, Scena Gallery, Koszalin, Poland

2016, Julia Curylo paintings and objects, Miejsce Sztuki 44 Gallery, Świnoujście, Poland

2015 Miraculous tales, Zamek Gallery, Reszel, Poland

2014 Euroaraba/Matrioshkas(Curylo/Sherzai), Fass Gallery , Istambul, Turkey

2013 Hello, Modernity!, BWA Municipal Gallery Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland

God Particle, 8-14 TeV, BWA Municipal Gallery, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Temptations, Marvels and Delights, Biala Gallery, Lublin, Poland

2012 H0 Particle, aTAK Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2011 Church Fairs and Miraculous Visions, Szara Gallery, Krakow, Poland

Church Fairs and Miraculous Visions, Strefa A Gallery, Krakow, Poland

Magical Reality, Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland

Church Fairs and Miraculous Visions, Wozownia Gallery, Torun, Poland

2010 Chicks, an outdoor installation, Leszek Bialy Square, Bydgoszcz, Poland

Tulips, an outdoor installation, Hoover Square and the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland

Tulips, an outdoor installation, No Women No Art festival, Poznan, Poland

Chicks, Center subway station, Warsaw, Poland

Lambs of God, Pociag do Sztuki Gallery at the Marymont subway station, Warsaw, Poland

2009 Julia Curylo, individual exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland



2017, Multiple Space, Tamarin Art Centre, Black River, Mauritius

2017,Compass of Young Art 2017, -1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2017, KrakArt group exhibition, Vienna Woods, Los Angeles, USA

2017 , The Eagle Has Landed: Apollo 11, Ausstellungzentrum Pyramide Berlin, Berlin

2016 Compass of Young Art, -1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2016 Open Studios, Santa Monica Art Studios, Santa Monica,  Dreamcatching ,Club 157”, Brooklyn,NY

2015 She-painters, Biala Gallery, Lublin, Poland ,“Apollo11- The Eagle has landed”, Galeria Działań, Warsaw , Poland, Wozownia Gallery , Toruń,Poland, BWA Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra ,Poland, Records changes, Płocka Gallery, Płock, Poland

2014 Ostrale 2014, Dresden, Germany

Biala Gallery, Lublin, Poland

Inaugural Exhibition, Art 3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Bushwick Open Studios, ART 3 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Strange Stories, Stalowa Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2013 Derealism, Miejska Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

Animal Symbol, Inspiration or Pretext, Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship, Warsaw, Poland

2012 Compass of Art, 1 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Art Versus Sacrum, Gardzienice Gallery, Lublin, Poland

The Inherency of Painting, Spokojna Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Art in Public Space Studio Review, Dzia a Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2011 10th Geppert Competition Exhibition, BWA Wroclaw Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

2010 PROMOTIONS 2010 - the 20th National Young Painting Competition, Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland

2009 Christmas Palm, Freies Museum, Berlin, Germany

1500 m do wynajecia Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Salon Akademii Gallery (at the Academy of Fine Arts), Warsaw, Poland

Hoover Square Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2008 Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland



2014“Ostrale 2014”, 8 International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts, Dresden , Germany

2010„No women no art”,  „Tulips” an art installation presented in city spaces , Poznań, Poland



2016 Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grant for a TeO series of paintings and objects

2012   Ministry of Culture and National Heritage grant for a production of series of works Chicks, Warsaw, Poland

2011    Nomination for the 10th Geppert Competition, Wroclaw, Poland

2010    Grand Prix at the Promotions 2010 painting competition organized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (and also a special award of the BWA Municipal Gallery in Bydgoszcz), Promotions 2010,   Gallery of  Art, Legnica, Poland                    

2010     First Prize in 6th 19A Gallery Competition for a mural at the Marymont subway station station no. 19A - in  Warsaw, organized by Pociag do Sztuki Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2009, finalist of Artystyczna Podróż Hestii, Sopot,Poland, 2016



2014 Jakub Dąbrowski “Censorship in Polish art after 89”